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Sarah's Poetry

Budgie Harassment was written in 1982. Joey our budgie, bought as a pet for my younger sister, Catherine, was a great talker and wonderful companion bird.  He was so tame he would literally sit anywhere you placed him.  He spent much of his life being unable to fly on account of possibly injuring his wing during the time we had some home improvements done. (birds never take kindly to these things!)  Nevertheless he was well able to let us know when attention was required!!

My Brother John, a piece of prose,  was written in August 1986, a couple of months after my only brother's death.  It has been painful for me to include this but I thought people might like to read this epitaph to my brother, whose memory will always be with me.

Clare Louise, on a lighter front, was written  when Clare, my God Daughter and eldest child of my first cousin, Stephanie, was baptised in 1982. 

Time viewed from a Christian perspective.

A Church Spirit was written after Mum and I independently say briefly a shadow of a kneeling figure in the aisle of Holy Trinity Church, Coventry.

Life was written after my maternal grandfather died in November 1985.

Remembrance was written shortly after my father's death, which was very sudden.  I sang in a production of an abridged version of Handel's Messiah.  There was also, the first half of the concert, a violin concerto by Handel which, together with the church stained glass windows inspired the poem.

Israel was written as a result of my two week visit to Israel in October 1985

War was an attempt to imagine the effects of a nuclear war.  I hope, of course, that it will never come about because I do not believe that mankind would tolerate such an event.

Life was written after seeing an elderly man after a few years who had to use a stick because of age and illness.

Death was written as a result of my father's death.  Brahms' Four Serious Songs, in which "Through a glass darkly" is quoted from the Bible was an inspiration.

The Blackbird was written after watching a blackbird incubating eggs in a nest made on top of two planks of wood (on our garage roof!).  It proved too precarious and we think the nest was attacked by a cat or other bird.

Sarah Jane Davies

Lord of Life was written during an idle moment at work on 27th May 1999.  Manchester United had just won the European Cup and my memories took me back to 1987 when Coventry City won the FA Cup.  The significance of this was my brother was an avid City supporter who had died tragically a year before he saw his beloved football team win such a coveted prize.

Cheeky was written at the same time as "Lord of Life".  Isn't it strange how two totally different moods can hit you one after the other?!


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