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Living Treasures!

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Living treasures have to be our.............friends, family and pets!  We have two pet birds, Rodney the budgie and Pebbles our hand reared pied cockatiel who learnt to speak very quickly.......within 3 days of us acquiring him actually in March 2007 just after we lost our dear hen cockatiel, Cheeky, to egg binding.  Pebbles very quickly learnt to say "pretty pretty" and he has gone on from there and now says "Put the kettle on.....MAKE a cup of tea!" very well!


Pebbles can be seen here perching in one of his most favourite top of our miniature dollshouse church, St. Hilary's!


Rodney is on top of his cage here.  He has sadly only been out twice because he is difficult to catch and he manages to fall down inaccessible places.

However he appears to be pretty happy in his cage and enjoys mimicking Pebbles mimicking now talks................alla Pebbles!




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Updated 24 December 2008
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