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Death comes slow
But sure
Every day
A further negation
Of Life

To whom do I owe
The blame
For this deed?
The makers?
The authoriser?
The one who pressed the button?
That sent the deadly missile
On its devastating path
Of destruction
And death
Death by a "deterrent"
In the name of "peace"
Who is this God?
Who died for these
I am not equal
To Him
How to forgive
The unforgiveable
When death comes
Through them

For what this destruction?
For those who sin
Are kept safe
Dor judged are they
Death comes slow, but sure
Bitterness, tears too
For those who
Know no better
Sarah Jane Davies

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Copyright 2008  Sarah and Andrew Price 
Updated 24 December 2008
Copyright: Sarah Jane Price
March 2000.

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