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Pebbles tells us to..........MAKE a cup of tea!

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Pebbles seems to have latched on like a limpet to our pet phrase....."MAKE a cup of tea"!  He is supposed to say, "Put the kettle on....make a cup of tea" but for some reason when he squeaks the "MAKE" he gets the order wrong repeatedly..........

Pebbles is seen and heard at his very best here with his squeaky "MAKE a cup of tea"!  Note how he sandwiches himself between the kettle AND the teapot so he can see himself TWICE!  We are sure he thinks he is in the company of a flock of cockatiels as a result!


Once we HAVE made a cup of tea..........Pebbles gulps alongside us...........


Here we have Pebbles combining his skills.........he talks........whistles........and then gulps....


Pebbles loves to prance on our laptop as we try to surf the net.  Here he enjoys looking at his reflection whilst giving it rapid gunfire "pretty, pretty, pretties. - a technique we sadly taught him.  He then goes on to his favourite comment and then a spot of whistle practice....


Pebbles has finally achieved our goal in managing to whistle "Pop goes the weasel" note perfect - here he dashes it off as a finale!




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Copyright Sarah and Andrew Price January 2008