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Pebbles' Misdemeanours!

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Pebbles loves to get involved with us as we go about our daily business at home.  It is not ALWAYS a problem............but it CAN be depending what we are trying to achieve at one time.  See below what we have to cope with.

As soon as Pebbles found his wings in our house HE picked his favourite perches.  

Unfortunately for us......our St. Hilary's Miniature Church proved irresistible to him.

He uses this vantage point when the curtains are open to watch the garden birds..........but woe betide if they come IN the garden cos he gets very cross and flies madly around the room in a vain attempt to scare them away!


I, Sarah, am trying to complete a photo shoot for our miniature church, St. Hilary's for which we run a website.  On this occasion I was attempting to set up a scene for our Christingle page but Pebbles had other ideas....





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