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Pebbles' Favourite Links!

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St. Hilary's Miniature Church is a great site all about our miniature church.  As Pebbles loves to perch on it quite often in order to check out the garden for visiting garden birds it seems most appropriate to include it.... Dollshouse Heaven is Catherine Davies' (sister to Sarah) site which includes all of Catherine's most amazing fimo food, flowers.........and much more besides...
Buttercup Miniatures - Miniature knitting and crochet patterns for dolls houses 1:12th - 1:24th ( half inch ) scale plus wool, needles, kits and accessories - from Tudor times to the present day. The American Cockatiel Society - find out more about cockatiels here!
Priceless Treasures - visit this, Sarah's very personal site which is full of Sarah's poetry and own embroidery designs, photos of Coventry past and present and more............... Time For Tea is our very own site devoted to all our favourite teashops and cafes around the country and beyond........and VERY appropriate as a favourite link for Pebbles we feel.......




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