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Our Favourite Tea Time Links!


All things "Tea and things" links"

Favourite sites of ours!

Murchies   The web site that tells you all about Murchies Tea Rooms in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and more.....

St. Hilary's Miniature Church - our very own site about our 1/12 scale miniature church and its' church life!  A great site for those interested in dollshouse miniatures and children's stories!

Chester Cathedral.  Find out more about this beautiful historic house and prayer and their daily life here.  More information on the historic monks' refectory may be found here too.

St. Mary's Church, Cubbington near Leamington Spa is the website of the church we are both currently attending. It has been built and currently maintained by Shirley Rush, a friend of ours and parishioner of the church.  She has done a most excellent job and we fully encourage our visitors to see her work!

Batsford Arboretum web site.  Find out more about the arboretum here. Dollshouse Heaven is the site of Catherine Davies, sister to Sarah! Visit it and see some examples of her wonderful miniature dollshouse fimo food, flowers and more..............

Tour of Lord Leycester Hospital courtesy of the BBC.


Priceless Treasures is the personal site for Sarah!  Read her poems, see her photography of Coventry, see her cross stitch patterns and more.....

All Saints Parish Church, Royal Leamington Spa.  Find out more about this church and visit their website.


 Pebbles, our hand reared young cockatiel now has HIS very own website too - visit him and watch him perform........and hear him squeak....".MAKE a cup of tea" too......
Druckers Vienna Patisserie.  Visit and find out more about this Austrian style patisserie chain of shops that began life in the West Midlands.
Eating out in Warwick - find out more about Warwick and all the various eating places.  Some may not include smoke free however but it is still a good site to explore if you wish to visit Warwick.  You will also find out more about the Lord Leycester Hospital too!!  


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Caveat: Our guide is based on our own personal experience/snapshot of a cafe/teashop/restaurant at the time of visiting.  No inference therefore can be taken that the level of service we received on the times visiting was either standard or average.  

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