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 We welcome you all to our pages on our tea time travel adventures. 

It is with great pleasure for us to know that smoking was officially banned in all public enclosed spaces within England  from 1st July 2007 so we now have even more choice at home when it comes to tea time venues whilst out on our various travels!  We do love to travel outside the UK too so we have included venues we have found on our international travels too!

 We travel out most Saturdays during the year whilst at home in England so we are able to include those cities and towns that we have visited and have found acceptable, to us, teashops and restaurants.  Browse our pages at the bottom of  the page for further information.  We have split them up into countries for ease of navigation.

We also include information on conveniences too where we have it!  (in case you get too tea-logged!)

If anyone wants to send us a recommendation for any other smoke free eateries anywhere in the world please email us on "sarah(at)hotmail.co.uk" substituting "at" with "@".

Rating Key (note - ALL are positive ratings!)

Most excellent in every way - good freshly cooked hot food, friendly service and clean toilets!  Highly Recommended!

Good service all round and well worth a visit! (smoke free establishment in a country where smoking has not been banned nationally in public enclosed spaces)

Fair service with good value food. with non-smoking areas where a smoking ban has not been imposed nationally.

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Caveat: Our guide is based on our own personal experience/snapshot of a cafe/teashop/restaurant at the time of visiting.  No inference therefore can be taken that the level of service we received on the times visiting was either standard or average.  

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