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The Phoenix Initiative


Travel with us below and follow the developments!

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Above you can see a tractor at work on the site of the now demolished Holy Trinity Church Centre. (Andrew sneaked this photo in November 1999 whilst the barricades were open)

Above you can see one of two views (the other seen below) of the Old Blue Coat School in all of its' refurbished splendour.  This has now been formally handed over to Holy Trinity Church to become their new church centre.  The building is a mix of grade 1 and grade 2* (listed building status) and was built by the Victorians in the Gothic style.

The Excavations as in April 2000

Below can be seen the excavations on the site of the old Church Centre as in April 2000.
(photo taken by Andrew)   1,500 people's remains have been exhumed and reburied and now the old St Mary's Cathedral nave is becoming exposed as it will form part of a millennium garden.   Kennedy House (not seen but in the background) has now also been demolished.  Next

Below can be seen Priory Row as it now looks in April 2001 

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Below can be seen the new Priory Gardens with the Old Blue Coat School in the background and also New Buildings which was originally a ribbon factory.

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